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Business Programs

This is a 6 month holistic healthcare program for corporate employees with chronic health issues or employees who are concerned that their physical, mental or emotional health is beginning to deteriorate, with worsening resiliency in the workplace. The program will help them to achieve optimal health, which we define as the greatest possible capacity for joy, aliveness and life. Improved health for your employees will mean improved productivity and working environment for your business.

Using a completely individualised approach and under the supervision of 2 medically qualified doctors, the program empowers individuals to take back control of their own health and happiness. Health will be approached from multiple different perspectives, including a comprehensive assessment and intervention in relation to breathing, moving, eating, sleeping, connecting and accessing peace. This is a system that has already proven very effective, and you can read about our client testimonials here.

During the program clients will be carefully assessed for their medical history, examined, treated and coached using a comprehensive holistic method. We find the root cause of the problem and address it where possible. We will indicate to clients if we believe they need a referral to other healthcare practitioners to ensure a truly holistic approach to long term healing.

Clients will be guided during the 6 month program both online and face to face when living in the region of Zug. There can be daily SMS contact using our unique health tracker system which will ensure even greater success rates to achieve goals defined at the beginning of the program. Each client will have a 1:1 coaching session every 2-4 weeks mostly outdoor at a place that suits the client, at the Diima Health Clinic in Unterägeri or online.

-4 Different Programs-


A very comprehensive 6 month online programhe client does not have to share anything they feel uncomfortable with from their medical or psychological history. Despite this he or she can certainly work on these confidential issues from the comfort and security of their own homes, and they are guided by medical doctors and coaches wherever they ask and need. All important life themes, medical problems and vital functions will be covered during this 6 month intensive health and happiness program.


Clients have full access to the services provided in the Silver program plus online 1 to 1 coaching sessions every 2 weeks. If clients live in the Zug region the online coaching can be replaced by outdoor coaching sessions.


Clients have full access to the services provided in the Gold program plus all tests and treatments necessary for the client to achieve optimal health.


Medical diagnostic tests

Breathing Test - Sleep analyses 24 hours - Food sensitivity test - Colon scan - DNA Weight code - Osteoporosis Test - Stress Test 24 hours - Heart Rate Variability Test 24 hours


Therapies and Treatments

Pain Treatment - emTrace Emotion Coaching - Metabolism Therapy - Detoxing - Personalised Vitamins - Heart Rate Variability Training - Stress Therapy - Mindfulness - Breathing Therapie - Mindtraining - Exercises in and outdoor - Coaching in and outdoor, walking or during sports like running, Golf or any other suitable sport.

Online Program for employees made redundant

Unfortunately, we recognise that some businesses have to make their employees redundant because of the economic impact of corona or for other reasons. Are you a business that wants to treat your employees respectfully and thank them for all the good work they have delivered?

Our Silver online program is adapted to this special situation. A programme that makes your employees healthy, happy, resilient and confident to be able to find another job that fits them well.