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How does Diima Health Tracker work?

We are all good to postpone or ignore things while we are always busy with family, friends hobbies and work. But what if we do that for too long and medical issues start taking over? When is it time to do something about it? When it is too late? Most of the time it works like that. But to be honest, it is never too late. You can always work on yourself to improve your health and happiness.

Behavioral change takes time, effort and continuous feedback. That´s why it is useful to have some support. Even the greatest coaches like Marshall Goldsmith are in daily contact with their coaches. (look at )

With the Diima Health Tracker from you can set and achieve your own personal health and happiness goals.

After a few important Diima coaching session, outside or on-line, you determine your wishes. The Diima Health Tracker records your responses for review on a daily, weekly, monthly basis through SMS and/or email. Trend graphs will give you an instant view of your progress. This proven process drives behavioral change, supports goal achievement, and builds a history of results used for both reinforce progress and identify areas needing more coaching support.

Are you ready for a holistic and sustainable personal health improvement, contact Diima now and get (back) on track.