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Golf & Health Retreats

Improve your Health and Golf at your next Golf and Health Retreat with former doctor Emilie.

Golf and Health Retreats for golfers with pain or any other medical complain or stress related issue for couples that want to play golf on their holidays.

Emilie will evaluate your health potential, will help you improve it, treats your pain and with a 4 handicap she will be able to let you play better Golf at the same time. Will that make you happy?

You will have one of your best trips ever!

Besides a few great workshops, there will be enough time to enjoy and relax.

Thereby you go home with a sustainable health plan and a really well developed long-term follow up.

You and your partner will be positively inspired to not only improve the health of just 1 person but in the whole family.

You will see how easy and fun it can be to improve your health.

"Preventing is better than cure"