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Individualized Programs

Online or Outdoor Program

This is a 6 month holistic health coaching program for people with chronic health issues or anyone who is concerned that his/her physical, mental or emotional health is beginning to deteriorate, with worsening resiliency in the workplace and or private life. The coaching program will help them to achieve optimal health, which we define as the greatest possible capacity for joy, aliveness and life.

Using a completely individualised approach the coaching program empowers individuals to take back control of their own health and happiness.

Health will be approached from multiple different perspectives, including a comprehensive assessment and intervention in relation to breathing, moving, eating, sleeping, emotions and accessing peace. This is a system that has already proven very effective, and we can share some case study examples as needed or look for the testimonials on this website.

During the coaching program clients will be analysed and coached with a comprehensive holistic method to come to the root cause of the problem and treat it where possible. When interventions from other health care practitioners are needed, there will be a collaboration so that it all contributes to a long term healing process.

Clients will be guided during 6 month just online or both online, and face to face in and outdoor when living in the region of Zug. There can be daily sms contact with the health tracker system for a better success when clients want to set goals. The coaching sessions will be once in 2 weeks, when the clients is able to follow the Outdoor Program he or she will mostly be outdoor at a place that suits the client. When needed we use the Diima Health Clinic in Unterägeri.

To achieve your goals, as well as to achieve a better success, we can additionally use the Tracking-Coach.

INFO Tracking-Coach:

Almost everyone denies the importance of health improvements because we are always busy with family, friends, hobbies and work. And when it comes to medical problems, people often think it is too late. Shame! Of course it is better to prevent than to heal but, honestly, it is never too late to make changes to improve our health and happiness.

Behavioural change takes time, effort, and continuous feedback. That is why you need emotion coaching and help. Certainly famous good coaches like Marshall Goldsmith are in daily contact with their own coach.

With the Diima Health Tracker from you can set and achieve your personal health and happiness goals.

After some important coaching sessions in the Diima office, outdoors or online, you determine your wishes. Every day you will receive a personalised SMS and at the end of the week and month you can see your own results. Trend graphs give an immediate overview of your progress and progression. Together with your coach you can easily adjust your goals to your own wishes.

Discover this tool, which helps you to get daily feedback to achieve your goals.

This motivating tool is also used by great success coaches.

Click here for more information about the Health Tracker

Corona Program

Due to the Corona time we have transferred our program into a very well working online program and sometimes it works even better than the face to face program. People can keep all the information to themselves and feel more comfortable. Coaching and healing can only occur when the person opens up. When they open up to themselves, they have started the process. By going to therapist it can sometimes be hard to open up to that stranger and the client will less likely open up to him or herself. For these people that have difficulties to open up to others, the online version is a fantastic tool to become aware of the hidden capacities to become stronger, self confident, resilient, healthy and happy human beings.