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For pain, injuries, stress, burn out, dysfunctional emotions, sleep and concentration problems, tiredness, mood swings, musculoskeletal problems and all sorts of disease.

Before deciding what treatment the client needs, there will first be a complete analyses and examination of the problem in order to find the cause of the complains. When the cause is found, treating and healing is more likely to happen for the long term. The analyses are mainly done by good enquiries and conversations, which is also possible online and during conversations outdoor. The examination can be done in different ways like tests and medical examination.

Medical diagnostic test

Breathing Test - Sleep analyses 24 hours - Food sensitivity test - Colon scan - DNA Weight code - Osteoporosis Test - Stress Test 24 hours - Heart Rate Variability Test 24 hours

Therapies and Treatments

Pain Treatment - emTrace emotion coaching - Metabolism Therapie - Detoxing - Personalised Vitamins - Heart Rate Variability Training - Stress Therapy - Mindfulness - Breathing Therapie - Mindtraining - Exercises in and outdoor - Coaching in and outdoor, walking or during sports like running, Golf or any other suitable sport.