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Health and Emotion Coaching for Sustainable Health

In 2011 I founded Diima GmbH to support people in becoming aware of and releasing emotional and physical blockages.

My own experience with back, knee and heart problems enables me to empathise better with people who are suffering and to accompany them on the path to a more positive, healthier life.

Sport has always played a big part in my life. It gives me the energy and motivation I need to achieve my goals. It helps me to keep my life in balance and to deal with problems in a structured and systematic way. I have played golf all my life. Until I was 18, I was part of the Dutch national squad and until I moved to France in 2011, I played in the top Dutch league every year.

Since 2014, I have been living here in beautiful Switzerland. Today I play golf in Hünenberg, with a handicap of 4. Golf, like any other sport of course, can be integrated into my coaching programme.

My professional career:

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