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Why Diima Health and Emotion Coaching

My goal is to help you feel happy and reach your health potential.

As a former doctor with years of experience, I have realised that illness often comes from stress. As a passionate single handicap golfer, I have learned to be systematic and structured in my approach.

This is how I became a stress detector who supports you in tracking down and identifying stressors and reducing them holistically with the help of individual programmes.

I provide you with long-term strategies as well as targeted relaxation and relief methods for every day. Using simple techniques, we check your progress together and strongly keep the motivation to change.

My approaches are unconventional but sustainable.

Contact me without obligation.

What made me decide to become a coach.

I was a doctor and practised in Holland for more than ten years.

During my studies and subsequent career, I met a lot of patients who felt paralysed by the doctors.

Personality and time is something I have built into my coaching.

Confidence and hope is something that can be developed again and is essential to heal.

As I look for reasons for the medical blockage, healing is possible again in most cases.


You have had constant pain for two years and have already consulted several doctors for this reason. Everywhere you received the same answer: "From a medical point of view, everything is fine. You are healthy!"

How are you supposed to live with this answer?

Do you want to stick with this or do you want to find a solution to beat the pain?

As a doctor, I never had enough time to help my patients the way I would have liked to.

This is exactly why I decided to work as a medical coach and emotion coach to achieve long-term improvements.

Today I am extremely happy to be able to listen to my patients (especially whilst playing golf together) and improve their lives, whether there is a medical reason or some other reason.

There may also be a completely different goal in your life that you would like to achieve. I would be happy to accompany you professionally in this.

Contact me without obligation.

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