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Tailor-Made Programs

You feel unwell, have complaints or want to prevent to be healthy in the future? Stress has a great influence on our well-being.

Become aware of your stressors.

Stress can have emotional reasons

Stress can have physical causes

Stress can be situational

As an experienced stress detector, I speak a clear language and support you in tracking down the causes of the stressful situations.

Once the stressors are known, I develop an individual, systematic stress reduction programme for you. It is based on my experience as a former doctor and as a passionate single-handicap golfer. I combine techniques such as emTrace emotional coaching, kinesiology, general talk therapy approaches and much more.

Coaching can take place on the golf course, in nature, online or in the office. The environment is also part of the therapy technique.

Your programme builds up systematically and allows you to work independently on stress reduction after just a few impulses from me. I check your progress with the help of regular, mutual feedback via SMS. The partial steps achieved become visible and have a stimulating and motivating effect. Your programme can be adjusted at any time and according to the situation through monitoring. You practise long-term relaxation and relief methods.

Contact me without obligation for an initial discussion.

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