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EmTrace Emotion Coaching

Individual Coaching

The EmTrace Emotions Coaching can be done very well online as face to face single coaching sessions. Certainly, several sessions are more successful.

"An emotional blockage prevents you from doing or feeling this, what you like to do or feel"

Here, emTrace® quickly and sustainably creates emotional liberation.

With EmTrace new pathways in the brain are created so that a regulation of dysfunctional emotions takes place. The memories are still there but the difficult challenging emotions associated with them, have changed in the brain and body so that the stress in the body and mind is simply released. Also, positive resources are strengthened so that one can regain a better balance. EmTrace enables a precise and above all sustainable release of mental and emotional blockages.

When can you use EmTrace with Diima?

e.g. with illnesses, conflicts, insults, separations, defeats, failures, traumatic experiences, accidents and injuries or around stressful experiences, such as a turbulent flight as a refugee, fear of speaking, fear of flying, fear of heights or fear of dental treatment. These stressful moments are sometimes associated with physical symptoms.

The emTrace® emotion coaching approach was developed in 2018 by Dirk W. Eilert and combines the latest study results from brain research and facial expression resonance as well as from emotion psychology and effectiveness research (cross-method effective factors of therapeutic change) - and makes them practically usable for coaching and psychotherapy.

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